Baia del Silenzio,  Performance Time:9.00 pm   (opening act Cecilia)

Niccolò presents his songs in a new Arrangement with Gnuquartet

Niccolò Fabi moves his first steps on Rome’s music scene in the early Nineties. In 1997, his song Capelli wins the Critics’ Award as a Young Talent at Sanremo Festival. He issues his debut album, Il giardiniere, in the same year.

Also at Sanremo Festival, in 1998, he sings Lasciarsi un giorno a Roma, which he would include in his second album, Niccolò Fabi.

His third album, Sereno ad Ovest, 2000, supported by the single Se fossi Marco, opens the way to a collection of his most famous songs, sung in Spanish.

La cura del tempo, 2003, contains such songs as È non è, where he takes his distance from pop melodies.

2006 is the year of Novo Mesto, which he records in the Slovenian city of the same name.

Ten years after his debut, he comes out with his first collection, Dischi volanti 1996-2006.

In 2007, he films the documentary Live in Sudan, about his trip and charity concert in the African country. In the same year, Fabi starts Violenza 124, a project with other artists, such as the band Mokadelic, with whom he composes the soundtrack to Gabriele Salvatores’ film Come dio comanda.

This is followed by a new record, Solo un uomo, in 2009. Also in 2009, in cooperation with the NGO Medici con l’Africa CUAMM, he films the documentary Parole che fanno bene, about their health projects in Uganda, which is shown in the universities of the cities he stops in during his Solo un uomo tour.

On 30th August 2010, at Casale sul Treja, near Mazzano Romano, he organises Parole di Lulù, a birthday party for his daughter Olivia, who died of an acute form of meningitis. The day, originally planned as a small event, turned into a big concert, with over fifty musicians and twenty thousand people.

A twelve-hour concert and fund raising campaign for the NGO CUAMM, to build a paediatric ward in Chiulo, Angola.

In November 2010, he publishes a single, Parole parole, sung with Mina, the proceeds from which go to Chiulo hospital.

April, May and June 2011 are the months of SoloTour, a new experience that brings Niccolò onto Italy’s theatres on a one-man show.

He spent 2012 composing “ECCO”, the seventh record in his career, out on 9th October 2012 as a follow-up on the single “Una buona idea”.

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