Andersen Festival, founded in 1998 as a complement to the eponymous literary prize , has become , over the years , perhaps, the most important Italian festival dedicated to fairy tales and theater for unconventional spaces .

When founded, the festival used to last nine days,  and since beginning have beaten roads of intersection of the arts and of the production of shows and performances in situ.

Experiencing the co-presence of street theater with classic theater, large scale  and dangerous performances with small stories in the courtyards, of famous artists with more experimental , everyone always open to get involved in circumstances out of the ordinary .

The focal lines of programming are the physical and non-verbal theater and storytelling , which then seemed the two spaces where, more than elsewhere, generations and sensibilities meet, and where the larger is the chance to experiment and play.

Because being a child means no prejudice, curiosity , desire to experiment, capacity to always look at reality with new eyes, and a concrete and real will of magic.

Andersen festival highlights these features in children and awake them in adults, to obtain from them the same care and passion.

The town becomes the center where experience unusual ideas and amazing sensations, invaded by a varied program, in which the mixture of different genres is enriched daily from the urban space re-invented specifically for the occasion.

Past editions have given space to companies of street theater and urban theater, classic theater, puppetry, music, dance, installations, film animation and storytelling .

We plan to keep experimenting and have fun .

Andersen Festival was funded by the Municipality of Sestri Levante, and since 1998 is under the artistic direction of Mr. Leonardo Pischedda.

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